How do you balance productivity with technology and life balance?

Several weeks ago I drove down to Cincinnati to attend a workshop by Edward Tufte. During the four hour drive I managed to:
Conduct productive prospect and client conferences, listen to one of my business learning CDs, and enjoy my satellite radio with Jazz, classical, news and other selections.

Next day, Friday evening, driving back to Cleveland and about 20 minutes south of Columbus I felt ready for a great meal. “Dial AmEX” I said. “Dialing” answered my Bluetooth wireless phone connected into my sound system in my 645 BMW. Within seconds I had the friendly American Express concierge service operator on the call with me, looking up great restaurants in Columbus by interstate I71.

“We were expecting you Mr. Barr” said the manager at the great Lindey’s restaurant as she was showing me to my table.

Great meal, great life, great technology and even the business learning CDs sounded better.

“What a fabulous country” I said to myself as I continued my drive home.

It is great to be alive!

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