Happy Birthday Chad Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 469

Shhhhhh…. Yesterday was Chad’s birthday and I figured why not surprise him with a week off from writing his newsletter? This is Laurel, Chad’s wife, and I’m taking over this week’s post to share my thoughts on birthdays.

It seems that we put less emphasis on birthdays as we age instead of celebrating with greater gusto to acknowledge the gift of being able to reach another year especially when blessed with good health. We ask our family and friends not to make a fuss as we take another 365-day trip around the sun. But birthdays are made for celebration and a day to stand out special among the other days of the year.

This coming Sunday, January 16th, begins Tu B’shvat, the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shvat, where in Israel, the birthday of fruit trees will be celebrated with the planting of saplings all around the country as it is each year. It’s a minor holiday but filled with celebrations that include the eating of all different kinds of fruits from the various trees in the land. Without this celebration, planting and commemoration, the succulent produce that Israel is famous for would not flourish and grow. It is the lifeline and backbone of the once agricultural society.

So, let’s always find things to celebrate, especially the anniversary of our birth. Party with family and friends and graciously accept the gifts that you receive. Hint: Chad, when you read this, remember my birthday is exactly one week after yours on the 18th. I’ll be looking forward to my cake and ice cream. Don’t forget I don’t like chocolate. In the meantime, Happy Birthday, Chad, and many more happy and healthy years to you! Let’s celebrate!


Laurel Barr
Guest Contributor

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