From Weakness to Strength Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 195

There is a common notion which is held by popular thought leaders that we should focus on our strengths and ignore or forget our weaknesses.

I found this not only an absurdity but actually bad advice. When I first started my business I realized my strengths were in software development and my attention to details. Marketing, speaking, and content development were not only my weaknesses, but activities I actually dreaded doing.

I realized that in order to increase my success and global reach I must commit myself to work on improving these areas. Had I not focused and devoting my energy to greatly improving these weaknesses I would still be a software developer who pays much of his attention to details and would not have become passionate as a skilled speaker, marketer, content creator and web and business strategist.


Investigate the areas of weakness in your life and business and determine on which to focus your attention and energy to transform them into your greatest strengths.

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