Does One Bad Apple Spoil The Whole Bunch?

As a long time Apple devotee, I felt it was time to upgrade my laptop to the latest and greatest. So there I was yesterday on my way to the local Apple store to pick up my new, shiny retina display MacBook Pro. Excited, I drove back home as fast as I could to get this new baby setup and ready to rock-and-roll.

Quickly, I started the setup process but something seemed odd. I could’t seem to get used to Apple’s fancy new keyboard. I was staring at the keyboard and wondering what the strange symbols and characters were.

Curious, I picked up the phone, and called Apple Care. After some research, Mike, the representative says: “This is very odd but I think you got a Spanish keyboard, sir!” Although I like enchiladas, this was no fiesta.

I am glad to report that today this was corrected at the Apple store and thankfully I now have a new laptop with the correct keyboard. They admitted that this has never happened before and suggested this should be my lucky day to play the lottery.

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