Do You Know Your Own Content?

I am amazed (and not pleasantly) at how many so-called “experts” I meet, are unable to answer simple questions about their own business and expertise. Let me give you some examples. Say you are a sales consultant and and expert and I were to ask you the following five questions:

  1. What is the most common challenge your clients are facing and can you give me three ways of resolving such challenge?
  2. Why is it a huge mistake to promote your best sales person to the VP of sales and what are the other viable options?
  3. How do you recommend organization avoid competing on price and can you share some of your clients’ best practices?
  4. What are objections represent? How do you best overcome them?
  5. What are the biggest sales mistake managers make and how do they stop making such mistakes?

Too many I meet, when asked such questions, seem to be like deers caught in the headlights. Unless you are able to quickly and confidently answer such questions, I’d recommend you either invest in yourself and transform your ability to do so, or you step aside. I know I am a bit harsh here but I can’t imagine running a successful business without the ability to articulate your explanation regarding issues that are supposed to be within your areas of expertise.

So, can you quickly and persuasively answers these questions? I can, and that’s my final answer!

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