Do You Have the Courage to Do What it Takes to Be Successful? – Redux Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 243

Have you ever dieted, lost weight steadily for several months, only to hit that infamous plateau? It’s right at the point where you’re feeling so much better and on top of the world. You’ve figured it all out and then it hits.

This can be compared to our business as we move full steam ahead with innovations, ideas, new clients and successes only to hit that hurdle which in turn changes our thinking and we become blocked.

We begin to ask ourselves is this the right business for me? Am I able to get the wheels turning again? Will I find that ability, talent and passion once again that when combined is like the greatest euphoria and joy in life?

A few years back, in my article Do You Have the Courage to Do What it Takes to Be Successful? I first introduce this question and concept. I think this is a tough question and uncomfortable point that we all face at one time or another. Here are some additional thoughts to get through these blockades:

  1. Take a break. A day, a week or more to let your brain and body rest. Clear your head of the negativity, chatter and start fresh.
  2. Look inward and assess what your thoughts are saying and if that mental block is related to or found elsewhere in your life as well.
  3. Rethink your passion. What do you truly love to do? What work or part of your business venture makes you the happiest?
  4. Read. An inspiring biography or historical novels that will help you see the possibilities in you.
  5. Commune with nature. Walk outside and breath fresh air. Sunny skies or grey ones remind me that there’s so much in the world that is bigger than my troubles and me.
  6. Connect with a personal or professional advisor, someone you can trust. Ask for help and get advice to get you back on the track to success.

Trust in your gut feeling. We can never know the right or wrong decision until we make it and see the result of our decision. In the end, you don’t want to regret not having pursued your real dreams. You owe it to yourself, your family and the world to pursue these dreams. Use your courage, passion, purpose and conviction to move out of the rut and take yourself and your business to a new level you never imagined possible.

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