Creating High Instant Credibility Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 310

Ever wonder how credibility is quickly gained and achieved when visitors arrive to your site? There are five critical components to attain such credibility. Here they are:

Clients’ List: This is the page on your site that lists your clients by name and potentially also shows their logo or photo. The more clients listed the higher the credibility gained. Imagine visiting a page that only lists a few clients vs. one that shows hundreds of them. It should be obvious that the more clients displayed on this page, the higher social proof created, and credibility reached.

Clients’ Testimonials: This is the page that showcases the testimonials received from your clients in text or video or even audio formats. As I suggested above, for this page to be effective, you should display as many testimonials as possible. I recommend each testimonial to be succinct and to focus on the key results your clients were able to achieve by virtue of working with you. If you are successful and fortunate to receive testimonials from all your clients, you could actually do without the clients’ list page and just use the testimonials page instead. I highly suggest you visit our testimonials page on our site to see a powerful example of such page.

Clients’ Results: This is the page that demonstrates the possible results your clients achieve or should expect to achieve when working with you. You should list the most powerful results such as “Generate dramatic increase to revenues” or “Gain financial freedom” and substantiate each with proof of testimonials or case studies.

Case Studies: This is the section that proves why your clients hire you. Each case study should contain three sections: the challenge your client was facing when they first met you, how did you go about overcoming this challenge, and the remarkable outcome and results they achieved by getting your products and services.

Your Intellectual Property: This is where you lead with your unique and powerful content in a variety of formats such as: articles, videos, podcasts, transformation visuals®, infographics, online courses and such.

Incorporating these five components in your strategy will help create high instant credibility for visitors to your site. Consequently, I’d be remis not to suggest that it takes work, discipline, creativity, delivering value and taking action to master these components.

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