Creating Excitement and Value Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 279

Photo by: Chad Barr

This last weekend, my family and I traveled to Los Angeles to celebrate the wedding of our niece, Shoshana to her talented and amazing new husband, Ryan. A truly beautiful celebration of love and a special occasion with our family as well as friends and other family members we have not seen in years. We got to relax and experience gorgeous Pasadena and even visit Disneyland and the Los Angeles Zoo.

With so many great things to experience and special reasons to rejoice, here are a few highlights, observations and new learning that I wanted to share:

  1. I have noticed again how young kids have no fear and are not timid of expressing their emotions in public. It made me wonder what fears should we overcome and what emotions should we consider revealing or be vulnerable to in our content creation?
  2. I realize that each day and especially during our travels, provide us with opportunities to explore new learning experiences and create exciting adventures. I am determined to keep creating new learning and new adventures for myself and my clients.
  3. Watching my grandkids, I noticed how new friendships and relationships can be formed with others if we eliminate our biases and keep an open mind. It made me question what new friendships and relationships should we explore and form?
  4. At the LA Zoo, I learned that elephants are able to communicate miles away in low frequency sounds that are inaudible by humans. The question that crossed my mind was what new modes of communications should we all start exploring?
  5. Saying goodbye to our kids and grandkids and with tears in their eyes, I treasured the fact that all good things must come to an end in order to let in the greater things to take place.

Let’s all stop for a moment, appreciate the boundless gifts in our lives and how privileged we are and commit to embark on new learning experiences and creating something of excitement and value.

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