Create something you never imagined possible Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 266

In the past few weeks I published the profound lessons I have learned from some of the top thinkers who have had their impact on me and lead with great thoughts. I’ve been saying for years that “You can’t position yourself as an object of interest and a thought leader by constantly quoting others!” So today, I would like to share some of my own favorite quotes as I also encourage you to publish and share yours.

  1. Contact each of your clients and provide them with one new idea that will immediately impact their growth.
  2. Devote significant time to the most important things in life, especially family and friends; so, you don’t end up wishing you had.
  3. Become the catalyst that helps reinvent and reenergize your clients.
  4. When passion is an integral part of our business and our life, beauty then is evident.
  5. Your talent and skills are important but secondary to your marketing abilities. Learn to market yourself!
  6. Small improvements executed over time become outstanding results. The three improvements you are focusing on right now are…
  7. Do you boast about your client’s success or do they do? The former is fluff, the latter a proven fact. Lead with testimonials.
  8. Completing your next project is not complicated, you just need to take action and start at step one.
  9. Who have you surrounded yourself with that makes you a better version of you?
  10. Create something you never imagined possible.
  11. You owe it to yourself, your family, your clients and the world to share your insights and wisdom.
  12. The way to create wealth is to keep creating insightful and valuable offerings that make you irresistible.
  13. Create powerful and lasting rituals that force you to enthusiastically stay on track.
  14. The best writing advice is to JUST WRITE!
  15. If you aren’t taking your web presence seriously, why should others?
  16. Identify the toxicity in your life that should be immediately eradicated.
  17. What is it costing your business to do nothing? Which of your dreams have you abandoned?
  18. If you had a magic wand to change one thing, what would it be? When will you start?
  19. The most profound impact for your clients: Lead and take them into the future!
  20. Do you have the courage to do what it takes to be successful?

For more of my quotes, visit the Chadisms section on my site.

Your quotes are already hidden in the content you’ve been publishing. Start reviewing, collect, organize and and share with the world. Then go and create new ones and see your thought leadership soar.

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