Consulting with Ex-Employees

A question was recently asked: “One of my past clients has retired from his organization and is still consulting for them. I want to get back in this organization. Previously, the ex-employee brought me into the organization and I worked with the CEO who is no longer there. We are going to talk this week. Have you had any experience partnering with an ex-employee to consult with their old organization?”

Here is my answer:

Since he is inside already and especially since you have worked with him and them in the past why won’t you:

  1. Ask him what key issues they are facing.
  2. What role is he providing.
  3. Who, inside this organization, may he introduce you to, to start building relationships.
  4. Are there areas that the two of you may collaborate on.
  5. What other organizations could he make introduce you to.
  6. Ask him for a testimonial of the work you’ve done for him in the past.

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