Chad Speaking in San Diego

In the past 10 weeks I have been traveling for almost seven weeks for both business and pleasure. It was truly an amazing time and I would like to share some of my experiences with you in my next upcoming posts.

Back in October, I traveled to San Diego to attend and speak at Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consulting College Grad School. A terrific group of 15 consultants attended the grad school for two and a half days to discuss business challenges, best practices, case studies and participated in various role plays and examined growth ideas.

Here are several take-aways:

  1. Look at the world from our clients’ perspective.
  2. What can we learn from other companies success that we can apply to our success or that of our clients.
  3. Rather than looking at doom and gloom look at opportunities.
  4. If you don’t reinvent your business you die.
  5. Promote yourself so you are mentioned in the media in print, TV, Internet and radio.
  6. Mention your clients’ success often in conversations.
  7. Buying high-end goods is an emotionally fulfilling act. People need that emotional fulfillment.
  8. Growth comes from top line growth not from cutting expenses.
  9. Business model is the structure of how you run your business and how you market and deliver your products and services.

Below are two testimonials from my speech which I recorder with my HD Flip Video camera. First one is from Lisa Nirell, founder of Energize Growth:

And the other from Sara LaForest, co-founder of Kubica LaForest Consulting:

And finally, the fabulous setting outside my window. And remember not to get caught in the web.

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