All Account Payables Modules Are The Same. Or Are they?

When approached by companies interested in my company’s ERP Distribution Software offering – Distribusmart, I often times hear them make the claim that all account payables modules are pretty much the same.
Although there are some similarities and basic rudimentary functions among such systems (processing invoices, credits and payments) there are some key differences that make some systems stand apart:

1. Cash forecasting tools that enable better aging and planning of required future cash.

2. Recurring charges which simply the entry and processing of transactions

3. Instant check request capability and proper interface to the system

4. Purchase Order seamless interface to enable easy post of POs into the AP system

5. Partial payment and tracking capability

6. Prepaid capability for deposits to be made and easy tracking or remaining balance

7. Electronic check forms and positive pay for greater security and flexibility

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