Attributes of Million Dollar Producers Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 306

One of the questions I hear quite often is to identify the attributes of million-dollar producers. Here are the top 6 attributes I have observed:

  1. Build contacts: The ability to create and build a list of powerful contacts that consist of existing and potential clients, influencers, partners and journalists. The key is to consistently build and nurture this list to achieve great trust and a powerful brand.
  2. Market effectively: I often refer to them as marketing machines, which means, they realize that no matter what their business is, the key is to learn how to market themselves successfully.
  3. Attract and engage: When marketing is done effectively it creates an attraction, which then brings qualified inquiries and clients to you. Engaging them successfully is critical in order to transform them from being interested in you to becoming your client.
  4. Execute with discipline: Many I meet, suffer from what I call the “entrepreneurship addition.” In other words, they are addicted to and are distracted by ideas that derail them from what should be their main focus. The best, are able to focus on one or very few ideas of which they are passionate about, convey the utmost potential impact for their clients and offer the highest financial rewards for them. They then execute these ideas with great discipline and speed towards completion and often achieve breakthrough results.
  5. Create Value: They innovate and create a unique variety of product and service offerings that offers great transformational value to others, which then make them become irresistible. They are consistent and frequent in the creation of such value.
  6. Exude confidence: They are confident in who they are and the outcomes they are able to achieve for their clients and for themselves. They strongly believe in their purpose, are enthusiastic and are dedicated to leave a powerful legacy by impacting others.

There are, of course, more than six attributes and I will conclude by adding one more. They are Risk Takers and by that, I mean, they often take modest to great risks to follow their vision and dreams.

Although success is subjective, and a million-dollar is an arbitrary figure, I assure you that by focusing on these six attributes, you are certain to increase the quality and success of your life and business and for those around you.

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