Attributes of a Dream Team Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 140

From left: Adi Beeri, Chad Barr, Lihi BZ

This week’s reflection point: I just arrived in Dublin for a business meeting after a fabulous week in Israel spent visiting and reuniting with family and friends. A huge highlight was my face-to-face meeting, (coffee and cake) with the Israeli division of our creative team. It’s clear to me that I could not have achieved our incredible success without the devotion and talent of the team I’ve surrounded myself with. Here are the attributes of this great team and what they do:

  1. Take initiatives to consistently raise the bar(r).
  2. Challenge the status quo.
  3. Look for our company and our clients’ best interest.
  4. Research and advance their knowledge.
  5. Challenge me and our clients to constantly improve.
  6. Innovate new concepts and ideas.
  7. Collaborate to achieve powerful results.
  8. Take our success and our clients success personally.

This week’s tip: Creating or surrounding yourself with a dream team will make the difference between surviving or thriving. You can make it happen, I truly did.

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