Are You Ready to Strengthen Your Thought Leadership?

What do you think needs to take place in order to strengthen your thought leadership positioning next year? This may be the perfect time to start think about this. With the hope that this may be of help, here is the list I’ve compiled for myself:

  • Create powerful relationships with other thought leaders.
  • Attract thoughts leaders and those on their way to achieve that status or as I would call thought leaders -1.
  • Have my next book accepted by a publisher.
  • Strengthen my local exposure, brand and social media exposure.
  • Increase my being quoted by others (bloggers, media).
  • Delegate whatever possible and leverage our great team.
  • Reduce my labor intensity (discard, delegate, take action, schedule).
  • Move 3 key projects or goals consistently forward.
  • Hold my calendar sacrosanct.
  • Remove debt.
  • Generate key successes with marketing gravity.
  • Commit to execution.
  • Reinvent myself and my clients.
  • Increase my prolific publishing of great content.
  • Engage speaking gigs (1 – 2 per month).
  • Increase our marketing efforts.
  • Improve life balance, health and exercise.
  • Improve responsiveness.
  • Read a book a week.
  • Reach inbox zero.
  • Stay focused on our strategy and implementation.

How about you? Would you share your list with us?

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