Are There Any Videos on Your Site?

If my memory and a quick search on Google serve me right, YouTube was funded seven years go, or back in 2005. I am still astonished at how many of the sites I  visit, neglect to incorporate videos on the site and of the few that do incorporate such videos, most are done poorly or in an amateur way. This also (or perhaps especially) apply to individuals who speak and fail to incorporate videos on theirs site and especially on their speaking page.

Consumers consume content in a variety of formats. Some like to read, others prefer to listen while some enjoy watching. I would actually like to suggest that one may prefer all three methods at different times.

So with platforms such as Google (many others exist) available for years now, while audio and video technologies becoming omnipresent and economical, there should be no excuse for you not to incorporate such on your site and as part of your Internet strategy.

And while you are at it, keep them succinct, valuable and get to your points quickly.

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