Anxiety of Change Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 277

It’s Wednesday, middle of the week, and time for reflection once again. It’s been a busy start to my week; calls, consulting and all the work that I enjoy so much. I’ve just dropped my wife, Laurel, off at the airport so she can fly to Orlando to watch the grandkids, (lucky grandma), as our son in law and daughter fly to a big job interview up north. Anxious? That’s an understatement!

Change is never easy. The unknown prospect of big changes can be frightening, daunting and harrowing. The adults keep their anxiety mostly in check. But my grandchildren have no filters on their expression of worry to the upcoming move.

Our oldest is upset. She’s adamant about not leaving the only house and city she’s ever truly known. At 9, she’s entrenched at school and has made what she believes are her best lifelong friends. She’s not sleeping at night and worries constantly about the unknown.

Number 2, 6-year-old, said he can’t wait to leave. A rambunctious boy, he is anticipating the new house, the prospect of snow, and making new friends in a new place. But he’s not sleeping well out of excitement!

The little 3-year-old has no clue what this means and she remains happy, giggly and sleeps just fine! A real blessing.

We all make changes in our lives and businesses with unknown and often undetermined outcomes. For some, the idea of something new is exciting and the anticipation Adrenalin pumping. Others are nearly paralyzed with fear.

Change is inevitable. The question is how do you react to change? Do you see it as a door closing or as a window opening with new opportunities? I believe the difference is a profound success mindset perspective that reduces or possibly eliminates anxiety.

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