Ah, The Good Ol’ Days Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 128


This week’s reflection point: I remember going through some old photo albums several years ago when my young son, astonished by viewing the black and white photos, said: “when did the world turn colorful?”

Ah, The Good Ol’ Days


Cute and innocent as it may sound, it made me realize that we often take our technology and innovation for granted. Just think about it. Here are a few of the remarkable transformations we have come to appreciate, become accustomed to, and probably now take for granted: The evolution of the Internet and all the amazing and remarkable value it provides, space exploration reaching higher than ever before, advancement in medicine and transforming the quality of our lives, or our ability to receive or provide instantaneous answers to sophisticated issues.

I am sure we all enjoy many moments that we cherish from our past. When I think back on all the incredible progress already achieved and its forecasted possibilities, I’d say the future looks brighter than ever.

This week’s tip: What successes have you achieved in the past that should be transformed to create an improved and brighter future?

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