13 Questions To Transform Your Business Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 147

This week’s reflection point: I love asking my clients and myself the kind of provocative questions that would then fuel the next level of growth and transformation. Here are the latest 13 I have come up with.

Have you:

  1. Identified your unique abilities and your gifts?
  2. Articulated your purpose for existence?
  3. Surrounded yourself with people who challenge you and also pull you up?
  4. Tried implementing new ideas and fail?
  5. Complimented someone or sent a thank you note today?
  6. Realized that it may take seven or more attempts to connect with a new buyer?
  7. Created your WOW product or service that makes you irresistible?
  8. Developed scarcity or taking action incentives around your offerings?
  9. Focused on building long–term trusting relationships with your clients, colleagues and partners?
  10. Determined whether the next activity you are about to take is going to distract or help you?
  11. Sensed some fear, which was the trigger for you to then do it?
  12. Inspired your clients to reach higher levels?
  13. Realized that your clients are buying transformational experiences from you?

This week’s tip: Take the time to answer these questions. I assure you that the investment of time will be well worth it.

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