11 Ways to Promote Your Business Online Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 137

This week’s reflection point: The question of how to promote your business online is a recurring theme I hear quite often. Three years ago, I wrote the article How To Promote Your Website when I shared 21 ideas of doing so. Today, I am going to change the angle slightly and focus on how to promote your business online. Here are my recommendations:

  1. Update your blog often since it is the ultimate repository of your intellectual property where you are able to share your insights, success stories and engage your audience in a variety of media formats.
  2. Create podcasts by recording your own voice, interview others or get interviewed. This concept has become very popular since it enables your listeners to easily download to their mobile devices and listen when they wish.
  3. Join communities, connect and interact with their members, learn from them, share your experiences, establish relationships and find the opportunities to market your business.
  4. Send out press releases when you have interesting news to share, new products to unveil or breakthrough ideas to contribute.
  5. Establish relationships with journalists and respond to their requests to interview experts such as you in order to increase your publishing exposure.
  6. Leverage the various social media platforms to create genuine connections, conversations and growth opportunities.
  7. Produce powerful videos that showcase your expertise and your remarkable value. You should then proliferate your site as well as other online video platforms to help you increase your global exposure.
  8. Share your improvement ideas with your audience through your newsletter and do so consistently.
  9. Use online paid advertising to market and promote your company with various platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others that may make sense.
  10. Identify the right opportunities for speaking and presenting your knowledge and wisdom to your target audience.
  11. Craft and build effective and powerful products that would generate interest, viral spread and irresistible attraction to you.

I was recently interviewed by Chris Cooper from the UK on VoiceAmerica. In the spirit of sharing and demonstrating some of the ideas above, I would like to share with you the interview where I discussed Million Dollar Web Presence concepts.

This week’s tip: If you are executing all 11 ideas to promote your business, kudos to you as I encourage you to keep at it. Otherwise, I’d suggest you identify the next one to implement. The potential outcomes are sure worth it.

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