Richard's Digital Empire:

“Chad Barr is an incredible partner to have on your team. First and foremost he and his team deliver an amazing web product that will immediately improve your visibility, marketability and profitability. Second, Chad remains an important resource to help you walk through the growth of your business. He continually reviews, monitors, tweaks and suggests ways for you to improve your web presence and your business model. Third, Chad becomes a trusted adviser who will tell you the truth and will help you improve your condition as a business owner and as a person.”

Case Study

The Chad Barr Group identified a “sweet spot” for Richard Citrin’s consulting business, helping him craft a powerful brand and build a strong web presence to attract prospective clients.


As soon as Richard Citrin, Ph.D., founded his own consulting business, Citrin Consulting, he quickly realized that he lacked important clarity on his company’s main focus. While he was confident in his abilities as a business consultant, Richard struggled to articulate the essence of his business to potential clients. This challenge to identify a specific brand for Citrin Consulting was a huge obstacle to building a successful consulting firm from the ground up.


Richard reached out to the Chad Barr Group because he wanted the best talent to help him identify the “sweet spot” for his business. Working with Chad and his team, he was able to identify his strategy, clarify the specific goals of his company, and determine how best to articulate the main offerings of Citrin Consulting. To that end, the Chad Barr Group established a powerful web presence for Citrin Consulting, creating a highly professional, engaging website. Richard was then able to use this online platform to send clear messages about his company’s newfound “sweet spot”: providing dramatic interventions that enable organizations to mitigate business crises, and ultimately perform at the highest level possible. Richard credits the Chad Barr Group with challenging him to explore and discover his brand.


Today, Richard’s web presence is one if his main tools for attracting new business. The site for Citrin Consulting clearly articulates what the company does, so that visitors immediately know what Richard has to offer, and how he can help them. Richard notes that his web presence has had a dramatic affect on how potential clients perceive him. He says, “Prospective clients used to look at my site and say, “Should we use Richard?” Now they look at it and say, “How should we use Richard?”