Brad's Digital Empire:

“I love working with Chad! He understands the big picture, provides brilliant insight into all things digital, and has the kind of integrity and approach that builds trust and long-term value.”

Case Study

With a brand new web presence and a clearer brand strategy, Brad Cleveland launched a global consulting firm with the help of the Chad Barr Group.


Brad Cleveland had sold his previous successful business and was looking to launch a second career as a global speaker and consultant on customer relationships. The problem was that Brad didn’t have a clear brand or a strong web presence—which was a huge issue, given that he taught his clients the importance of social media, innovation, and mobile transformation.


The Chad Barr Group built Brad a new website, designed to cultivate a global reputation as a thought leader in customer strategy and management. In addition, Chad and his team worked closely with Brad to clarify his business offerings, thereby strengthening his new brand.


As a result of his new web presence, Brad immediately gained credibility for his fledging consulting firm. Today, he is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts in customer strategy and management, traveling the globe to consult some of the world’s biggest companies. Brad credits the Chad Barr Group with reinforcing the value he brings to customers, and enabling him to attract so many clients that he can now pick and choose which projects to take on.

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