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You Just Launched Your New Web Site, Now What?

I was talking with one of my dear clients this morning, Dr. Richard Citrin, when he asked me: “Now that my site is live and open to the world, what’s next?” A very popular topic among my clients I must add. Let’s explore what are some of the most effective steps you may take once your site is launched and where do you go for here.
A while back I wrote on my blog the post 3 Key Elements to Web Site Success, which is a great place to start. I am going to make the assumption that your site successfully incorporated these three elements: Great and effective design that attracts the visitor to “stick around” and stay a bit longer to explore and learn from you. In order to accomplish this, your site must obviously contain interesting and provocative content by showcasing articles, position papers, podcasts, videos, checklists, surveys teleconferences, products and such. Once you have this accomplished, the strategy and tactics you use to reach your target audience are critical to sustain and create additional success.

Through my exciting work, for almost a decade, with Dr. Alan Weiss, I have helped him create his digital web empire as well as enhance his marketing gravity wheel among many other remarkable mutual accomplishments. The original marketing wheel contained 17 spokes, which I have increased to 37, which greatly fit my purpose.

So here is what I want you to do: Take a look at the chart below and commit to select at least three items (spokes) that you feel passionate and are enthusiastic about, where you have a vast amount of knowledge and skills and where you know there is an audience searching for this or an audience you may create for this.

Once you select your chosen spokes, proceed by developing these products and services and then incorporate them into your site and marketing strategy. So for example, let’s say that you elected to develop a booklet as one of your three selected spokes. You then have several options to consider. First is to develop a brand new one after you select your topic and title. The other is to compile some of the best articles into one booklet. And finally you may want to include your best value-driven sound bytes, such as the ones perhaps you post on tweeter and then compile a booklet of your 100 best ideas as published on Twitter. Next, hire a designer to create your booklet and once you decide whether to charge for it or not, incorporate it into your site as both a hardcopy and digital download options.

Once you have created your first product, move into your next one and then the next one. Before you know it, your site will contain and provide amazing new value for your clients to benefit from. It is not complicated and all you have to do is start now. And lastly, thank you Richard for the idea for this article.

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