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With Gratitude

I know this year has been challenging to many and on many levels. I also know this year has been great to many as well. So it is with a great sense of humbleness and appreciations for all that I have and all that I have received, that I want to thank you all for being a part of my amazing journey and success.

I am fortunate for:

The birth of my granddaughter, Dafna, who granted me my best new and honored title and most amazing experience of becoming a grandfather. And for being loved, supported and surrounded by my great and loving family.

Being married for 30 years to my friend, partner and talented wife, Laurel, whose companion and gifted voice I enjoy on a daily basis.

Our many global clients that have placed their ultimate trust and confidence in our abilities to help improve their business and success and for the launch of the many exciting new web sites and interesting projects this year.

My dedicated and talented team at CB Software Systems and soon to be The Chad Barr Group who challenge me frequently, who are able to work with me and especially for help delivering my vision and our value and results to our clients.

The outstanding and rewarding friendships I have created over the years. You fuel my life with excitement, energy and love.

The readers of this newsletter, my blog, my social networking involvements such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for your ongoing support and commitment and for your feedback. You are the reason I keep writing and developing new intellectual property to help provide the value to YOU and the challenge for ME.

And finally to my mentor, business partner and friend Dr. Alan Weiss who ahs helped transform my business and my life so I may find my new passion and success.

Thank You!


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