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When The Prospect Says No

Having a prospect decide not to go with us and choose a competitor is disappointing to all of us. This is also a topic I often discuss with my business mentorees and here is what I share with them that I do and recommend that they follow. When a prospect tells me on the phone (or via email) that they have decided not to accept my proposal:

  1. I hang up the phone and say to myself: “What a bunch of fools. Unfortunately, they are not going to recognize the successes I bring to my clients and it is going to be their loss!”
  2. I get over it quickly and write them a quick thank you email: “I am here if and when you need me.” I also make sure they are added to my email database. If not, I add them to our database and I let them know by saying: “With the hope that it meets with your approval and so I may better stay in touch with you, I’ve added your name to our monthly newsletter database….”
  3. I also ask them for a referral. What the heck do I have to lose?
  4. I remind myself of the many happy clients and prospects who need my help that want to improve their business.
  5. I then immediately (and I do mean immediately) channel my energy into other positive marketing activities.
  6. I stay in touch with such potential client. Several times in my career they came back to become one of my happy clients.

Years ago, I have come to realize, that a prospect’s rejection requires a mindset adjustment. So rather than allowing this disappointment to negatively impact my energy, I simply use the self-talk and action steps above to turn this disappointment into an opportunity.

How about you?

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