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If you aren’t taking your site seriously, why should others?

I often get inquiries from entrepreneurs and organizations wanting to know what they should do with their web site and Internet strategy to make it effective and successful. Although I wrote on this topic extensively, I’ve decided to create a simple ten steps checklist for you to review and compare to what you are currently doing. This checklist will enable you to gauge how effective your strategy is.

  1. Have a site that generates constant inquiries from prospects and customers about your products and services.
  2. Conduct serious e-commerce and e-business on your web site. Selling Products, services, books, CDs, DVDs, Teleconferences, and workshops.
  3. Deliver tremendous amount of value on your site in the form of articles, white-papers, pdf downloads, checklists, special reports and more.
  4. Enhance your web sites often with new offerings and interesting things to read.
  5. Have a top notch personal or corporate blog to communicate your value often.
  6. Have a great online forum creating a community around your brand.
  7. Deliver online videos
  8. Have several web sites
  9. Get published in many credible places
  10. Deliver monthly newsletters

I am not suggesting that all items above make sense in your unique business. I do however believe than the more you engage in, the more effective and successful your Internet strategy is. For determining how successful the strategy is, you can of course track your visits and run all the fancy statistical analysis reports available. My benchmark is much simpler. How many prospects and buyers contact you over the web and how many become customers and purchase your products and services.

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