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Don’t get caught in the web

There seems to be a paradox among many organizations I meet that their web strategy is unimportant in generating business success. What should mostly be noted are the facts that companies committed to doing business on the web have dramatically increased their business over the years while the ones caught in this paradox keep on attempting to convince me why the web is not for them.

When researching and interviewing my clients, I discover the top 20 reasons why your current and future buyers visit your site:

  1. When handed a business card they often check out your web site for reference and credibility.
  2. When referred to you by someone else, they check out the site prior to calling you.
  3. They visit the site for content such as articles and other ideas in your industry.
  4. They review your sites testimonials, case studies and clients’ list.
  5. They visit your site to inquire about your products and services.
  6. They come to purchase your products and get historical information as well as suggestions for improvement.
  7. They find an interesting product or service on your site such as books, products, coaching and consulting services, keynote speaking and workshops and send you an email inquiry for additional information.
  8. They read your book, printed article or sales kit and go to your web site hoping for additional reference and value.
  9. They click on other sites links that take them to your site.
  10. They want to see how bright and innovative you are and how they will benefit from your company.
  11. Some click on your online video to get an idea of your speaking capabilities or your featured company commercial.
  12. They have questions about doing business with you and hope your Q&A section will answer such questions.
  13. They visit your site because your monthly newsletter had an interesting hyperlink to a new product, service or an article.
  14. They click on strong call-to-action images and they take the desired action such as learn more, register here or order now.
  15. They skim your pages and do not read much text unless they are interested in a particular content or article.
  16. They visit the site to use the innovative and practical tools you created for them to make it easier to do business with you.
  17. They come to get the archived knowledgebase content you created for them.
  18. They use your site as a resource to forward your great “how-to” articles to a friend.
  19. They visit your site to join your electronic newsletter and read the previous ones.
  20. They visit your site to see if anything has changed and what’s new.

The impossibility of successfully taking your web strategy to the next level is either in your mind or your budget. Realizing the enormous financial benefits your company could gain, the budget should be an easy challenge to overcome, your mindset is a whole different story. My advice: “Don’t get caught in the web, it takes investment and courage to become successful.”


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