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Don’t become unplugged

If you require serious connectivity while traveling abroad, here are my recommendations.

Call the hotel(s) ahead of time and find out:

  1. What is their business center setup such as PCs, printers and Internet connection?
  2. How available is it and what are the hours of operation?
  3. What kind of technical support do they have?
  4. What are their fees?
  5. What Laptop setup do they have in each room such as Ethernet connection, wireless or dial-up?
  6. Does the room already have a built-in PC connected to the Internet or perhaps a TV with an Internet connection and a keyboard?

Make sure you carry the proper Ethernet and modem cables with you, as well as universal AC/DC adapters when traveling overseas.. Check out theEasyGo converter / adaptor plug kit on . I also carry an N-Charge portable battery that gives me up to 10 additional hours of laptop power on the plane. Your laptop should support a 110 or 220-volt connection (most do today).

Some words of caution:

  1. If using the hotel PC or an Internet Café, never save your passwords to that PC while connecting to various web sites that require passwords. Be aware that malicious programs are available to record all your keystrokes. Therefore, I do not recommend using someone else’s PC when connecting to confidential web sites that require a password.
  2. When using your own laptop, make sure your personal firewall is turned on and you disable the sharing of your hard drive. This will minimize the possibility of someone hacking your own laptop.
  3. When using others’ PCs, be aware that the keyboard setting may be quite different from yours.

Safe travel.

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