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Can you hear me now? Can you see me now?

An extremely powerful and underutilized resource is available for entrepreneurs and organizations, which is the digital tool of an audio or video Podcast. First let’s clarify what it is. A Podcast is a digital file that plays an audio recording, similar to a radio or a video recording, similar to a TV. Technology has greatly improved to enable you to easily record your digital audio or video files on your own computer with astonishing results.

Why should you consider doing it?

  1. Improved Experience – Text may be getting a bit boring for people to read. Imagine recoding interviews and discussions with your customers, business partners and experts in your field and making them available for visitors to listen to. A picture is often worth a thousand words – what if you video-record some of these segments and allow visitors to watch them?
  2. Flexibility – By making your audio and video recordings available as Podcasts, visitors may easily download them to their computer and watch listen and watch them at their leisure, and even transfer them to their iPod to play on the go or in their car.
  3. Variety of Preferences – Some like to read, some like to listen to, some to watch and some like all of the above. You are providing your audience with their own preferences and options of choice.
  4. Competitive Advantage – Few are actually delivering such technologies to their customers. Doing so, will help you gain competitive advantage and build good and interesting content, which will then make it challenging for your competitors to catch up with you.
  5. Newer Technologies – Embracing these technologies will enable you to deliver valuable content to your customers, partners and staff. It demonstrates the applications of using technologies for outcome rather than for technologies sake.
  6. Reinvent Yourself – I am convinced that committing yourself to using these technologies will “force” you to come up with new ideas to improve your clients’ conditions and therefore push your own envelop.
  7. Fun – “It’s hard work” you are probably saying. Perhaps the hardest is making the actual commitment. I believe that once you get started, you will find it to be not only fun but also quite rewarding.

Take a look at some of the links below, which demonstrate audio and video Podcasting examples we help implement for our clients and our own company:

Alan Weiss – The Way I See it – audio Podcast series

Alan Weiss – The Writing On The Wall – video Podcast series

Chad Barr – Podcasts Series – audio Podcast series

Why not start today and enrich the way you communicate with your customers. I bet the fog will disappear and they will all say: “Yes, I can hear you now and I can see you now.”

When we provide our clients with extraordinary content and the WOW factor, we’re really building business partnerships with them. The best business partnerships are created by delivering superior value, establishing clear communication, and providing constant support.

The Chad Barr Group keeps our clients at the forefront of their industries.