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Best Practices from My Best Clients.


  1. Provide consistent and effective value to their clients.
  2. Innovate and raise the bar with new ideas through offering of products and services.
  3. Are prolific generators of new and revised intellectual property.
  4. Re-invent and repurpose older concepts and put a new spin or applicability on it.
  5. Speak publically, digitally and virtually on the web and also through webinars, teleseminars, podcasts and videos.
  6. Publish regularly on their sites, blogs, social media, columns, press releases, booklets and books.
  7. Create a huge variety of exciting offerings on their sites. Both for free and for a fee.
  8. Market effectively, consistently and in large volume of powerful output.
  9. Create strong relationships with their clients, colleagues, journalists and partners.
  10. Create and attract strong conversations in person or on the web.
  11. Position themselves as thought leaders and become objects of interest that inspire others.
  12. Invest in creating top-notch photos, videos and audio programs.
  13. Take risks and have no fear of failure.
  14. Have tremendous self-esteem and professional confidence.
  15. Are direct, persistent and do not fear rejection.
  16. Experiment with new concepts.
  17. Leverage the media effectively.
  18. Know the value they bring which they demonstrate through their value proposition.
  19. Know and have identified their buyers.
  20. Create pictures that speak a thousand words by developing charts or process visuals.
  21. Invest in themselves to improve their lives and businesses and are life-long learners.
  22. Ask for referrals.
  23. Receive testimonials.
  24. Are shameless self promoters.
  25. Masterful in their language.
  26. Seize opportunities and are great at planned serendipity.
  27. Associate themselves with other successful people.
  28. Leverage technology and the web to the highest level.
  29. Are pithy and succinct.
  30. Are committed to life balance.
  31. Build strong communities around them.
  32. Use social media effectively.
  33. Do what they say they would do.
  34. Master time management.
  35. Are disciplined and focused.
  36. Make sure everything they do and touch is world class.
  37. Think global.
  38. Think BIG!
  39. Focus on improving their clients’ life and business success.
  40. Make this world a better place.

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