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And the Oscar Goes to… the Million-Dollar Web site

When new and existing web clients discuss their business objectives for their web projects, here are the top three objectives that arise:

1. Improve, increase business, and gain new clients.
From my perspective, these are the most important rewards of a successful web site and strategy. Generation of qualified leads, driving serious traffic to your site, allowing visitors to add themselves to your newsletter database, and ultimately, conducting web business, are the most important reasons to launch your site.

2. Make it easier for clients to do business with you.
Your site should be an extension of your business functions and marketing efforts. The extension of your business functions, includes your clients’ ability to conduct business functionality type items with your organization. Items such as; placing orders for products and services, checking orders status, viewing history, gaining additional knowledge and getting instantaneous answers to your prospects’ and clients’ questions are examples of such items. To improve your marketability, treat your site as an extension of your sales and marketing force. As marketing questions come up, you should have the ability to have your site answer them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The key is to enable your clients and prospects to enter and navigate your site as easily as possible and to transact business with your company comfortably and leisurely.

3. Increase and Improve Organization’s Image and popularize your brand.
International consultant, speaker and author, Alan Weiss, talks about how effective branding magnetizes people to come to you. To determine this, you must think from the customer’s perspective. Will your customer be better off by interacting with your company. Logic makes people think, emotions make them act. Additionally, improve your image by including testimonials, case studies, and white papers on your site that showcase your client’s successes.

While you cannot wave a magic wand to improve your site overnight, there are three words, which can help make the magic happen. Usability, value and functionality. Your site must be useful to your visitors, contain valuable content and provide rewarding business functionality.

When we provide our clients with extraordinary content and the WOW factor, we’re really building business partnerships with them. The best business partnerships are created by delivering superior value, establishing clear communication, and providing constant support.

The Chad Barr Group keeps our clients at the forefront of their industries.