Jared's Digital Empire:

“Without fail Chad continues to deliver outstanding results both in the site he has built for me and through his insight into creating valuable and powerful content to reach my target audience. He is constantly looking for new ways to help his clients stand out in a crowded market. Chad has and continues to help me stay relevant and I would not be where I am today without him.”

Case Study

A new website and a powerful Internet strategy dramatically improved Jared Nichols’s business and helped him attract more clients.


Jared came to the Chad Barr Group with no clear web strategy, and a site that didn’t look professional or function well. His website did little to help his business grow; in many ways, it was actually hurting his credibility with prospects. Jared’s original site didn’t provide any value to his existing clients, market his services, or help him to attract new clients.


Once he began working with the Chad Barr Group, Jared was able to identify key areas for improvement with his site—and his overall web strategy. Our team built a better site for Jared, one that effectively marketed his services while engaging existing clients with consistently new content. In order to jumpstart his contact creation, Jared also chose to participate in Chad’s Digital Empire Creation Program, which taught him how to develop extraordinary content and publish it in a variety of formats.


After launching his new web presence and spending a day in the Chad Barr Group’s video production studio, Jared had a powerful new channel for the growth of his business. Today, Jared not only has a professional website, but he also delivers a steady stream of valuable content to his clients and prospects. Both of these outcomes have enabled Jared to attract more of his target audience, build a better brand for his company, and take his business to the next level of success.