Content Development

Here at the Chad Barr Group, we're firm believers in the transformative power of terrific content.

In fact, we've discovered that the key distinguishing factor of thought leaders is that they're prolific creators of remarkable, provocative content. Similarly, the most successful organizations leverage their content to distinguish themselves from others and establish their competitive advantage. Our Web Presence Creation clients learn how to raise the bar on content creation in a variety of effective formats. We help our clients create a repository of powerful intellectual property, and teach them how to leverage it effectively. Our team will show you how to use all the channels available online to display your content so it reaches the maximum amount of people. We establish your website as a powerful vehicle to drive engagement with your content.

The Chad Barr Group's unique content development process will:

  • Transform you into a creator of powerful, prolific content that gets noticed
  • Identify key ways to publish your content across the spectrum of online media
  • Develop a massive repository of provocative, remarkable intellectual property for your business
  • Accelerate the content creation process for you, making it an easy and fun endeavor
  • Provide top-notch editorial expertise at all stages of content development, ensuring the best quality writing, editing, and publishing standards
  • Clarify your writing voice and imbue all content with your own unique personality
Create remarkable, provocative content...