Site Audits

Today, most companies have at least some sort of web presence—but that’s not always for the best.

All websites are not created equally.

It’s possible that your current web presence is actually hurting your credibility instead of helping your business. At the Chad Barr Group, we are experts at leveraging the Internet to grow businesses. We offer an expert site auditing service to help our clients begin this process.

This site audit service offers a comprehensive analysis of your current site. Our team of experts will thoroughly review your site, and give you suggestions to dramatically improve the way you present your business on the web. The result: Delivering more value to your target audience.

Each site audit by the Chad Barr Group includes in-depth analysis of:

  • The site’s objective
  • The site’s content organization
  • The aesthetics of the site—also known as the site’s “WOW factor”
  • The site’s use of search engine optimization
  • The usability of the site

To schedule a site audit for your business, contact the Chad Barr Group now.