Chad Barr has been a sought-after technology
consultant since 1991, when he founded his first
company, CB Software Systems.

Today, while leading the Chad Barr Group, Chad provides strategic consulting for entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, speakers, service firms, global organizations, and industry thought leaders all over the world.

At the Chad Barr Group, Chad helps our consulting
clients develop the necessary skills to maximize their
business opportunities.

He does this by mapping out a clear path to increase their marketing gravity. This powerful consulting strategy employs Chad’s creative problem-solving skills, working to:

  • Encourage clients’ development of intellectual property
  • Help clients leverage the Internet to grow their businesses
  • Teach clients how to exploit their strengths, and improve upon their weaknesses
  • Empower clients to take action immediately, drastically cutting down on missed opportunities
“Chad Barr is a treasure—a virtuoso of technical knowledge and skill in the world of the Internet. Think of him as the YoYo Ma of creating on online presence, the Itzhak Perlman of web mastery. If you listen to what Chad offers and follow his advice, you will most certainly be a success.”

Sue Thompson
President, Set Free Life Seminars, LLC
“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chad and his company to others…Chad, in particular, is a leader in the creation of a web marketing presence and I trust that I will be working with him long into the future of my business.”

Tom Schramski
Salience Consulting
“Chad was able to give me clear direction on how to merge several service areas that I wanted to emphasize to clients and prospects…I will highly recommend [his] consulting services to anyone.”

Dan Weedin
President, Toro Consulting

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