Client Results

Here at the Chad Barr Group, we help our clients:
leverage the Internet to create innovative websites
and develop a valuable web presence to grow their businesses.

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs,
consultants, and businesses to achieve powerful business

Our typical client results include:
  • A dramatic increase in revenues and profits
    "In less than a month I had six-figure business just from my website!"
    —Libby Wagner, President, Libby Wagner & Associates
    "Chad has taken my business to a whole new level. Let me count the ways...and if you ever consider working with Chad, don't think twice, call Chad!"
    —Kathy Kingston, Founder, Kingston Auction Company LLC
  • Developing a passive income stream
    "I am watching my content, my website, and my repository of intellectual property expand at a rate faster than I have ever accomplished in the past 13 years."
    —Scott Wintrip, President, Wintrip Consulting Group
  • Establishing thought leadership by building Digital Empires
    "Chad is truly a genius at creating tomorrow's thought leaders! If you want your life to mean something out in the business world as a solo practitioner consultant, hire Chad Barr today and watch him turn what you have into absolute gold!"
    —Dr. Sally Mounts, President, Auctus Consulting Group
    "Chad is great at getting out of your head the best of what you've got. You will be amazed at the questions he asks you and the words that come out of your head. I've never felt so smart in my whole life!"
    —Lisa McLeod, President, McLeod & More, Inc.
  • Becoming a leader in your field
    "Chad has changed my life. Not only is he a dramatic, excellent, probably world-class coach, he has helped me to think differently and think about what a thought leader is. In less than a month I have gone from good to great and I have Chad to thank for!"
    —Candida Marques, President, Global Arrival
  • Dramatically improving the overall business
    "Chad has helped transform my company and has definitely been one of the best business decisions I've ever made."
    —Jared Nichols, President, The Jared Nichols Group
  • Putting together all the pieces of the business puzzle
    "You are like the Picasso. I am giving you the color and you are making it all happen and it's been a joy to work with you!"
    —Steven Gaffney, President, Steven Gaffney Company
    "Chad helps you bring all the pieces together. He will be the weaver, the enabler, the artist that will put together your jigsaw puzzle, in terms of your content, website, online presence, digital empire, the whole gestalt. He will put it together in a very brilliant way that is impactful and directly prepared to address your clients and the value you are here to provide for them."
    —Aviv Shahar, President, Aviv Consulting
Other typical client results include:
  • Developing and monetizing products based on intellectual property
  • Implementing a powerful Internet and business strategy
  • Creating a successful marketing blueprint
  • Identifying the best buyers and markets to target and attract
  • Accelerating remarkable content creation
  • Developing a world-class web presence
"Chad is the most brilliant technical guy in the world and that's why I work with him!"
—Dr. Alan Weiss, President, Summit Consulting Group
The Chad Barr Group delivers these results by:
  • Developing world-class websites for our clients
  • Helping our clients build Digital Empires
  • Teaching our clients how to leverage the Internet for business success
  • Taking creative approaches to the intersection of marketing and the web
  • Establishing word-class web presence and thought leadership
  • Creating a repository of powerful intellectual property for our clients
  • Implementing integrated, effective newsletter strategies
  • Developing passive income products to enhance clients' accelerant curve
  • Leveraging the web to strengthen business credibility
  • Providing phenomenal consulting and mentoring services
  • Offering transformative speeches at events to kick-start business change