About Us

> Powerful Digital Empires.
> Standout Web Presence.
> Influential thought leadership.
> Successful business, marketing and strategies.

Powerful digital empires. Standout web presence. Influential thought leadership. Successful business, marketing, and cyber strategies. The Chad Barr Group delivers all of these transformational outcomes to businesses around the globe. Through comprehensive Internet strategy and website development, we build outstanding web presence for our clients, create remarkable content for their digital empires, and establish them as successful organizations and authoritative global thought leaders.

Here at the Chad Barr Group, we leverage our team's expertise in inbound marketing and a host of other web services to fortify our clients' businesses. This work is also our passion: We love what we do, and we strive to exceed our clients' expectations every day.

We focus on innovative ideas in content, technology, and the web to transform businesses into true success stories.

Our dedicated team specializes in the following web solutions:

  • Developing the best strategy and implementing the right platforms to attract your target clientele and transform your business.
  • Establishing a strong web presence and a fine-tuned Internet strategy to increase your credibility and position you as a global thought leader.
  • Creating compelling web content—the repository of your intellectual property—to gain global visibility for your business.
  • Reinventing your business with a strategic plan of action focused on the future.


"Chad is one of the rare people I know who not only is a technological genius, but who is also able to transfer this knowledge to business results and who advises his clients how to use technology as a driving force for growing their business. Chad and his team helped me and my team to change the way we address our clients in the virtual world with the result that quite a few people told us how impressive the content and how high the value of our new web presence is. I recommend strongly that every provider of professional services should contact Chad in order to dramatically improve their virtual presence."
Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle
Mandat Consulting Group

Perhaps most important, the Chad Barr Group practices what it preaches. We pride ourselves on our clear-cut priorities, strategic leadership, strong communication skills, and respect for colleagues. Above all, we value openness, decisiveness, and responsibility. We invite you to learn more about our mission here.